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Eleventh House (11th) of Horoscope chart – House of Gains and Incomes – Labha Bhava

The 11th house of horoscope chart represents:

1. 11th house of horoscope chart predicts the flow of sweet weight without the endeavor of the native in pulling it up.

2. It includes the income from investments and possessions

3. It represents the support from friends

4. It also represents relationship and support from elder siblings

5. It indicates the gains through investments and stock market

6. It also indicates gains through speculations and gambling

7. Eleventh house of horoscope chart predicts the affluence of the person by the depth of his treasure and acquisition.

8. This tells us about the ancestral power of finance he would have in his life.

9. Eleventh house of horoscope chart gives an explicit image of the status of the person due to his or her burden of coins.

10. It explores the accomplishment of desires and dreams of the person.

11.11th house of horoscope chart gives a vivid image to the visualizations of the ant to find a sugar cane.

12. It presents the materialistic pleasure he might have in his life.

13. It informs us about the relationships of the person outside his or her door.

14. 11th house of horoscope chart reveals the level of fidelity an individual would get in this circle of people surrounding him or her.

15. It gives us a realistic image of relationship of the person with his elder brother.

16. 11th house of horoscope chart tells us an idea about the preciseness and proficiency in learning and performing his tasks.

17. This house reveals a explicit picture of few health problems relating to legs, left ear, left upper limb.

Other points decided by the 11th house of horoscope chart are Friends, society, community, favorites, ambitions, wishes, desires and their fulfillment, gains of wealth, success in undertakings, incoming wealth, profits, prosperity, elder brothers and sisters, recovery from illness, dawn of fortune, ankles.

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