Moola Nakshatras - - Results of Female natives born in Mool nakshatra, appearance, attitude, career , profession , family
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Moola Nakshatra or Nakshatram Females

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Impacts/Results for Female natives born in Moola Nakshatra

Appearance of female natives of Moola nakshatra

The natives of Moola Nakshatra are endowed with natural attractiveness and charm which makes them appear highly appealing upon land besides which they carry a medium complexion with no variations among the variant climatic conditions. She will have a sign of affluence and that will be like her principal teeth will be in opened shape.

Attitude and life path of female natives of Moola nakshatra

The female natives of Moola Nakshatra are perceived to be very soft and pure hearted souls who carry immense satisfaction in their heart due to which they are sensitive at the core and so on possess instability in mind. They are kind and generous personalities who believe in living all the moments of life and so on are vivacious personals. They don't carry any shade of obstinacy.

These people carry positive thoughts and good thinking but they lack at the require firmness in mind and so on would even unintentionally turn towards other direction. They are quiet unpredictable personalities who lack the required seriousness in their attitude and so on could be seen leaving many aspects with the name of god in life. They are quiet fantastical people who would not understand and believe much upon practical vision of others.

On the other part, they are strongly loyal people and strictly expect the same in return as betrayals and deceit could turn them highly furious and harsh while with the span of time they'll leave it upon God to judge himself as they are highly spiritual beings. They carry their morals and principals throughout life.

Professional front

The women of Moola Nakshatra would get good place and affluence upon land but for that they would be needed to put much of their hard work and endeavor upon their path and so on they will be self made personalities who would not receive any support and help from anyone around. They will reach high through their immense sincerity and determination.

The lack of stability in Mool natives due to being highly independent will make them go through many fluctuations and changes in their professional path as well. The females of Moola arena would not pursue education for much longer period as they will not possess much interest in their education besides which they could do quiet well in creative arenas as well. On the other hand, the placement of Jupiter here could take the girl at the higher levels of education with special significance towards medical arena.

Family portrait of Mool Nakshatra female

The women of Moola Nakshatra are perceived to confront much difficulties in their conjugal path as their might be many hurdles in their married life which would effect a lot to their peace of mind and would wither the blissfulness of their life. These women would not be able to spend a harmonious life with their husband and children.

These women would make to stay away from their spouse either due to divorce or death of husband. On the other hand, positive planetary placement could reduce the adverse effects of Moola Nakshatra to a lot of extent. Besides this, they might confront delay in marriage and difficulties in getting married.


The natives of Mool Nakshatra will confront some health hurdles as well in their life path as further making their walk more difficult to pursue. These would include lumbago, paralytic attacks, stomach problems, rheumatism, pain in arms and shoulder and tuberculoses besides which the most difficult times among the all will be at the ages of 27yrs, 31yrs, 48yrs, 56yrs and 60yrs.