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Rahu in 12th house| Dragon's Head in 12th bhava| Rahu in Twelfth house

The Rahu is one of the adverse placements of the celestial arena as it bring negative impacts upon the native's life for most of the times. Placement of Rahu in 12th house would bring some harshness to the native's life as this is quiet a negative placement in the horoscope chart.

The natives born with Rahu in 12th house would confront high mental pressure to the native's life and he/she could have insomnia. This placement makes the native have high expenditure upon the sisters & daughters and which could be a another reason for mental stress to the native.

Besides this, if Rahu gets placed along with its enemies then, it would be more difficult to earn good labor and to keep the finances balanced even after giving the best of hard work & efforts. Life of these natives could be harsh and difficult till the extent of miseries and agonies leading towards the thoughts of suicide. They will have high mental worries in due to this placement.

The natives of this placement of Rahu in twelfth house should stay upon the true & loyal path and should keep his soul pure and attitude as moral because lying and deceiving would bring very adverse impacts to the native's life as it will turn Rahu more malefic for these people.

Besides this, if anyone would sneeze at the beginning of any work then, that would result malefic for these natives. They could confront unfair and untrue allegations and could have loss of money and diseases. The placement of Mars along with Rahu would provide pleasing results.

The natives of this placement of Rahu in twelfth house should never take services from others and should take their meals by themselves. These people should keep saunf & khand under the pillow in the nights for the peace of mind and good sleeps.

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